Trail Runs on leon creek:

What's more fun than chasing the sunrise with friends? Join us Thursday mornings for a run at the Leon Creek Trailhead just minutes from Campus. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced runner, there's a pace group and a warm welcome waiting. 

openwater Swims:

Even the most dedicated triathletes get tired of the Chlorine after awhile, it's all good! Join us out at the lake for an open water swim and aquatic adventure with friends! We'll head out to fresh water about once a month, so get connected with us to get a heads up!

Group rides:

Riding in the Texas Hill Country is a perk known only to the UTSA Triathlon Team! We ride from Campus Mondays, Wednesdays, and most weekends to tackle those hills and get fit! Just starting out? No problem! We've got plenty of riders at all levels to stay at your side. 

Spin class:

Let's pump the jams and pump our legs! Spin class is a great way to get that mid-week ride in, and get your oriented if you don't have a bike yet. Whether you're looking to get fit for cycling or an experienced rider, these workouts will challenge you and totally improve your Spotify playlist!

Track workouts:

Welcome to our Oval Office! Your track fam will always help you get through the next lap. Join us on Tuesdays for an always challenging and always fun workout with friends. Whether you're just figuring out how to run in circles or were the High School track star, there's a pace-group to get you up to speed!

POol Swims:

Our team strives to swim together at least 3 times a week. We have a great time in the pool, teaching newcomers the basics and challenging even the most advanced athletes. Join us Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a fun and challenging swim workout! 

Strength training:

Our team is all about the gainz! But seriously, we love getting into the gym for everything from strength training and powerlifting, to body maintenance and yoga. Join us Friday mornings for great sessions that will promote functional strength in swimming, cycling, and running while keeping you healthy, mobile, and agile!

​Our Team is coached exclusively by Pro Triathlete Mark Saroni under the banner of Paragon Training. Our club receives top tier coaching and support from Paragon as well as guidance and mentorship. Our team would not be where it is today on a competitive or organizational level if it were not for the support of Mark and Paragon Training. Paragon Training offers coaching on various organizational and individual levels and we encourage everyone looking for a fun, effective, and supportive coaching experience to look into Paragon Training. 


We practice 7 days a week as a group and always welcome newcomers. 

With a few exceptions, our group workouts are open to all current UTSA students and alumni. Our Tuesday morning Track practice and certain weekend events are for dues paying members only.

You don't have to come to every practice, just about three workouts a week will do the trick. But, if you'd like to come to all of them, we welcome the commitment!



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