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Media Chair: Michelle Neiner 

Meet Our Dedicated Officers!

Hey y’all! My name is Katie Kalthoff and I am the fundraising chair for the tri team. I am a third year computer science major, concentrating in cyber operations and security. I joined the triathlon team last year to stay active and meet new people. I’m still new to the sport but I have enjoyed my time learning and improving so far!  I’m definitely looking forward to participating in my first race soon but until then, I’m just excited to train with and spend time with the team!

Fundraising Chair: Katie Kalthoff

Recruitment Chair: Antonia Bravo


Hi my name is Antonia Bravo and I am the recruitment chair for the tri team, I am a 3rd year mechanical engineer with the dream of one day working for SpaceX. I joined the tri team because I was looking for an adrenaline rush. I wanted to use all the stress from school and apply it to something else, and that was triathlon. So I joined the tri team my 2nd year and have been able to improve in all areas, especially swimming. Favorite part of triathlon is the descents on hills when you're on the bike, "you're never more alive than when you're almost dead".

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle Neiner and I am the Media Chair for the team. I am a senior at UTSA and a former competitive swimmer. I also did triathlons in elementary through middle school, even qualifying for Iron-kids at nine years old! Upon transferring to UTSA at the start of my junior year I was eager to meet new people and make friends. I didn’t know where to start, but luckily I discovered that UTSA had a Tri-club through their social media page. It has been my favorite part about being a UTSA student; the kindness and camaraderie that this team has to offer is truly unmatched. Being the media chair, I hope to reach more people and grow this incredible team, as well as capture memorable moments on camera!

President: Andrew Micek

Hello, my name is Andrew Micek, I am studying Mechanical Engineering, and I am the president of The UTSA Triathlon Team! While I have a long history of leadership, I have never seen a team quite like this one. We are diverse, we are tenacious, and we have a great time working as a team! No matter how hard I may try to describe the memories I’ve made on this team, or the amazing vibe that we have together, words cannot do it justice. This Team is something you have to experience for yourself, and I promise that you will not regret it. I’ll see you at practice!