Media Chair: Lexi Coulter 

Meet Our Officers

Treasurer: tiffany Tabourne
Recruitment Officer/Run Leader: Jordan Chagoya

Hello everyone! My name is Evan Landez and I am the vice president of the UTSA Triathlon Club. I am a senior studying English in the hopes of becoming a teacher so that I may help educate the future leaders of tomorrow. I am a San Antonio native and have a background in Cross Country and track. I have been on the team since my freshman year and have done triathlons for just as long. I always had the competitive spirit during high school despite myself not being all that fast but I loved the process of getting better than I once was. I found the triathlon team through a flyer and saw a new challenge to try and overcome. I am excited to see everyone push themselves physically and mentally this year through all the practices and races and see them having fun with the process as i have had. My favorite part of being a part of the team is seeing everyone grind through a tough workout and finish with a smile on their face. Fun fact: along with running all throughout high school, I was also part of the thespian society and any chance I can have to perform on the stage I will take!

Hello! My name is Tiffany Tabourne and I am the Treasurer for the UTSA Triathlon Club. I am a sophomore computer science major at UTSA. I hope to work in software development after I graduate from UTSA. I joined the triathlon my freshman year. I came to the team with almost zero background in all three sports. I have fell in love with pushing myself, being physically active, and competitive! My favorite part about triathlon team is that we all support and motivate each other. I believe that whether you have a background in sports or not, if you put in the effort, you will be surprised how much you can achieve!

Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Chagoya, and I am the Recruitment Officer/ Run Leader of the triathlon team. I am currently a Junior, with my major in Communications, and my minor in Business Administration. Originally, I am from Austin, Texas, where I lived there for about 18 years, but wanted to try something new when starting my college career. I ran cross country and track in high school and ran on the cross-country team at UTSA during my freshman year. I have only been on the team for a year and competed for a year, but I am looking forward to staying on the team for the rest of my time here at UTSA. After being hit with a jet ski, I needed something running related to get me back in shape, so triathlon was the best option for me. I am most excited about our capability of competing with other schools this season, as I feel we are even stronger, compared to last year. My favorite part about the team is everyone comes from a different background not limited to just sports, so our team is full of interesting and amazing people. One fun fact about me is that I am training to race the Rock n’ Roll Marathon to qualify for the Boston Marathon, as I was seven minutes short last year.

Hey guys! My name is Lexi Coulter and I am the Media Chair for the UTSA Triathlon Club. I am a senior majoring in Communication. I was born in Fishers, Indiana but I have lived in Florida and Michigan as well. Since my freshman year of high school, I have lived here in San Antonio, so now I consider San Antonio home. Growing up I was very active and loved to run. I joined a running club in 5th grade and when I got to 7th I joined the middle school track team and did almost every running event that you could think of. After middle school I went on to Johnson High School where I ran the 4x1 relay (first leg) and the 100-meter dash. That was a big change in pace for me because I always ran long distance growing up! When I graduated I went to a Community College here in town where they didn’t offer many sports, so I just stayed active by running on my own. It was a time where my body could heal from all the injuries I received in high school. When I transferred to UTSA I really wanted to get involved and make some cool friends, so I joined the Triathlon team. I always said I wouldn’t join a sport that involved cycling because of how dangerous it is but look at me now! Now this is my second year on the team! This year I am most excited about improving in races and as an athlete. I don’t always come out on top when I race but it’s not about winning for me, it is more of a personal goal to complete each and every race. I am also excited to see my fellow teammates improve and to meet new people. My favorite part about this team is all the people, we really are like one big family. I can’t wait to Tri with y’all! Fun fact about me: I am a twin and a photographer!

Vice President: Evan Landez
President: Valerie Lozano 

My name is Valerie Lozano. I am a Senior at UTSA majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Psychology. I was born in Los Angeles, CA but have lived in San Antonio since I was 9, so to me this is my hometown. I swam club from ages 6-9. When I was 15 I joined the cross country and track team at MacArthur High School. I frequently got overuse injuries from running but it was my favorite thing to do. I joined the UTSA Triathlon Team as an incoming Freshman and at the time I had also walked on to the UTSA Cross Country team. After balancing both teams for a while, I crashed my bike on my first outdoor ride and fractured my clavicle. Naturally this made me very determined to succeed in the sport of triathlon so I decided to leave the cross team and fully dedicate myself to triathlon. I’m really excited to see a lot of our new and old members grow in this sport and surpass expectations they had of themselves. My favorite part of our team is the bond of a family that we have built. We have been able to push each other to reach new goals and tri new things which is always rewarding.
Fun fact about me is that I really enjoy playing chess!

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