This has been our team's most successful year yet; and with over 15 athletes already qualified for Nationals, it's time for us to reach out to our community to get these young athletes out to Mission Viejo, CA for the big race in April!

Our team consists of athletes from various sport and competitive backgrounds who will be competing on the National level. For some, this will be their first Nationals trip; and others will be competing for spots as the top competitors in the country!

Please consider supporting our team in representing UTSA, San Antonio, and the great state of Texas at the 2024 Collegiate National Championships! On our Launch UTSA page you'll find a list of donation tiers and the thank you gifts you'll receive in return. Thanks again for supporting the UTSA Triathlon Team!

Our Campaign: 

"Roadrunners to Nationals | UTSA Triathlon" is underway and in order to reach our goal we need your contribution. Our goal is to raise $8,000 in 30 Days, and our Launch Day Goal is $1,000!

How your tax-deductible donation will help us:

The UTSA Triathlon Team has over 15 Athletes qualified for the National Championships in April! That means 15 plane tickets, 15 bike transports, 15 race fees, 5 hotel rooms, 4 rental cars, and much more to get these athletes to California. Check out our Giving Levels to see what you can be a part of sponsoring!

How your tax-deductible donation will help each Athlete:

By donating in honor of a Team member, 10% of your Gift will go directly towards the donee's personal expenses for the trip, which include a Plane Ticket($400), Bike transport($200), a Race Fee($180), etc.

Making a donation is super easy! 

Simply visit our campaign page and click donate. Any amount makes a difference!

Remember, your gift will be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

At the end of 2024, you’ll receive a letter from the University verifying your gift that you’ll be able to use as a write-off for your 2024 Taxes.

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