We have a group practice every single day! You can find our practice schedule on our Training Page or as the avatar of our GroupMe. We invite anyone, from any athletic or non-athletic background to come and join us. We are happy to introduce you to the multisport world of triathlons at your own pace and on your own time.

We at UTSA Triathlon pride ourselves on being able to share our great sport with all students regardless of financial ability. However, in order to keep this team up and running we must have members who are willing to pay their fair share in dues. ​After trying us out for a few weeks, consider joining our team as an Official Member. You can learn more about this on our Membership Page.

​Join our discord:

​Come to practice:

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First of all, join our team's Discord! This is where we make our most important announcements. Also if you have a question and want a fast response, this is the place to ask.


You're invited to our group 'UTSA Triathlon' on Discord. Click here to join!