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body maintenance resources:

Types of Nutrition:

  • General Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Race Fuel: Gels, Sports Drinks, and Bars

Why Nutrition is Important:

  • Allows for muscles and tissues to rebuild properly
  • Essential to staying hydrated and cool on the course
  • Allows for extended performance in training and race day

Video Resources:

  • How To Fuel Like A Pro
  • Energy Gels

What to Bring to Cycling Practice:

  • Required: Road or Time Trial Bike, Helmet, Cycling Shoes, Hydration, Sunglasses , Phone, Multitool, Spare Tubes, Pump/CO2, Tire Levers
  • Optional: Bike Lights, Extra Nutrition, Saddle Bag

Tips for Riding with Us:

  • Make sure your bike is properly maintained, lubricated, and tires are pumped up before each ride.
  • Download the STRAVA App to log your Workouts and track your progress.
  • Always have ID and Cash/Card on hand in case of Emergencies
  • Dress appropriately for the Weather. Shoe Covers, Gloves, and Lightweight Beanies are a MUST in the Cold.
  • Get used to Riding in Groups, we love it! We always make sure that everyone has someone to ride with too.
  • Ask for HELP: Most of us weren't cycling before college either, ask us for as much advice as you can=).

Buying Bikes, Supplies, and Upgrades:

  • Purchasing a Bike: Our Team has the Used Bike Marketplace figured out here in SA, just let us know and we'll help you find a great deal! If you're looking to buy new, let us know as well.
  • Buying Supplies: From Tools and Lubes to Apparel, Nashbar.com has all of the best deals. Make sure to spend at least $50 at a time to get Free Shipping and Sign up for their Newsletter to get huge discounts.
  • Looking to Upgrade your Bike? The Alamo Bikebay is the Facebook Group for all things Cycling.

Video Resources:

  • Bike Maintenance:

Transition resources:

Types of Transition:

  • T1: Swim to Bike
  • T2: Bike to Run
  • Mounting and Dismounting

Why Transitions are Important:

  • Essential to have as little time as possible in transition
  • With little practice you can get free speed off of your total time

Video Resources:

  • Mounting and Dismounting
  • Triathlon Transition Practice
  • Transition Skills

Member resources:

weight training resources:

swimming resources:

Types of Body Maintenance:

  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Foam Rolling

Why Body Maintenance is Important:

  • Essential to Proper Recovery, Flexibility, and Maximized Performance
  • Helps to relieve general Soft-Tissue damage/tightening caused by training.
  • Promotes Body-Awareness and self-assessment

Video Resources:

  • Foam Rolling for Runners
  • Foam Rolling for Swimmers

Our team is all about developing new athletes and providing education and information to them so that they can become more independent and prosperous in their athletic pursuits. Check out our training and nutritional resources!

cycling resources:

nutritional resources:

running resources:

What to Bring to Weight Room at the Rec:

  • Required: Running Shoes, Shorts, Shirt, Check out a Towel at the Front Desk*
  • Optional: Watch, Hydration, Post-Workout Nutrition

Why Weight Training is Important:

Video Resources:

  • Running Strength Training
  • Cycling Strength Training

What to Bring to Swim Practice:

Video Resources:

  • Triathlon Freestyle Technique
  • Open water Sighting

What to Bring to Run Practice:

  • Required: Running Shoes, Weather-Appropriate Attire
  • Optional: Watch, HR Monitor, Best Friend=)

Where to Buy Running Gear:

  • Our Sponsors at We Run San Antonio provide the latest in Running Shoes and Gear
  • They also have extremely knowledgeable staff to help you make the right choices in training/racing shoes.
  • Head over to their Stores nearby for an exclusive UTSA Triathlon Discount with your Member Card

Video Resources:

  • Pose Running Technique
  • Dynamic Warm-Up Drills
  • Post-Run Stretching
  • Periodization Training Concept