Paying dues is a HUGE part of keeping this team up and running. Here's a list of services and amenities that are provided as a part of you dues. 

Your Club Dues guarantee you:

  • A Club T Shirt
  • Professional Coaching via Paragon Training
  • An annual membership to USAT events!
  • Access to exclusive Tri Team Discounts
  • Access to the Club Budget for Hotel Stays
  • Access to Travel Expenses and Equipment
  • A memorable college experience!
  • Free hugs from your Tri Fam 




  • includes mandatory USAT membership



Paying your dues:

The UTSA Triathlon Team values each and every one of its members and we pride ourselves on preserving a sense of family and comradery in our club sport. ​

Our members strive to achieve their own personal goals in terms of fitness and competition with an emphasis on improving their college experience, having fun, and making many new friends along the way. 

We invite anyone, from any athletic or non-athletic background to come and join our team. We are happy to introduce you to the multisport world of triathlons at your own pace and on your own time.

Membership in the utsa triathlon club:

Joining the team is SUPER easy and we welcome everyone from any background to come tri us out!).

Steps to Join:

  • Come to Practice for 2 Weeks FREE; go to our Training Page to view our Practice Schedule
  • Meet the Team, our Coach, and see if our Club interests you
  • Then, simply pay your Dues and you'll be Officially Rostered as a UTSA Triathlete!
  • Paid Members should also be Registered with the Club on Rowdy Link
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UTSA (abc123) AND (@12345678)
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Shirt Size :
UTSA (abc123) AND (@12345678)
Phone Number AND Birthday:


HOw to join:

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